Queen Of Light 1111's Soul Circle
Queen Of Light 1111's Soul Circle

Welcome to Queen Of Light 1111's Soul Circle

A Global Online Community Center For Spiritual Support, Guidance and Wellness.

About The Soul Circle

Queen Of Light 1111's Soul Circle was founded by Queen of Light 1111 through a vision and message she received from Goddess Saraswati.

Goddess Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of learning, wisdom, music and aesthetics. She also represents higher spiritual knowledge. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit sara, meaning "essence," and sva, meaning "one's self."  

It was this Goddess who appeared to Queen Of Light 1111 and inspired her to create this special sacred Online Global Community Center. Here, Queen Of Light 1111, has created a safe, loving, and supportive place to share, to learn and to grow holistically. The mission of this sacred Center is to provide an experience where one can receive guidance, education and support for body, mind, and spirit.

It is here at Queen Of Light 1111's Soul Circle where we will assist you in connecting to the true essence of YOU!

A TOTAL Wellness Center and Community!

Why You Should Join?

By joining the Soul Circle, you gain access to workshops on Empowerment, Healing, Divination, Understanding of Self, and more! We offer (2) two levels of plans. The Soul Circle VIP Plan and the Spiritual Experience Plan.  The Soul Circle VIP Plan is an ALL Access Plan. It is a holistic experience where we focus on supporting your soul's growth, the wellness of your mind, bring balance to your emotional state, and support you in strengthening your body.  In these spaces (Spirit, Mind, Emotion and Body), we will facilitate classes that are live and recorded, we will share resources, tools, conduct roundtables, connect members, and most importantly, come together as a Soul Circle Community. Members of the Soul Circle will have the opportunity to be a part of a special Community where there is a designated space to chat, connect, share, and receive loving support from like minded souls. You will even be able to connect to the Soul Circle when on-the-go as we have our own Mobile App! There is no other online wellness center like Queen Of Light 1111's Soul Circle. It's one of kind. It's rare. It's special. 

Join us today and be a part of the "inner" Soul Circle!

Invest In YOU!

This is an investment in YOU...in ALL OF YOU!  This investment supports your Spiritual Journey while in this human existence. A typical 75min workshop values anywhere from $60 - $80 for ONE Workshop. The Soul Circle VIP Plan is reasonably priced as you will have access to MULTIPLE workshops and events in a given month. That's a HUGE Value!  We have a growing roster of speakers, experts and guides that focus on health, spirituality, astrology, wellness and more!

 Join us at the VIP Level today!